Clarity Challenge: 30 Days To Greater Focus


Clarity Challenge: 30 Days To Greater Focus Girl Get Clarity

Girl, let’s talk about your motivation.


Have you started the year with a laundry list of goals and UNLIMITED momentum, but now you find yourself coming home from work, plopping down on the couch to watch yet another Shondaland drama?


Do you find yourself watching other people kill it at their goals on social media and only WISH you had enough energy, focus, drive, persistence or (fill in random positive quality you think you don’t have here)?


Are you READY to put yourself back in the driver’s seat of your life and accomplish those BIG GOALS?


Girl, it’s time to get clarity!


Clarity is what allows us to clearly understand our purpose and vision for the future.To create goals that are in alignment with those things, you must understand and clarify your focus.


It’s a lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration. Those emotions are poison to any living goals.
― Steve Maraboli






Your goals need your commitment and total focus in order for you to achieve them. To ensure you are able to reach your goals, you want to remove any roadblocks that will prevent you from being successful.

The 30 Day Clarity Journal Challenge is designed to help you:

**clear the mental clutter
**reconnect with your purpose
**commit to your goals.

By participating in this challenge, you will gain greater focus, feel empowered to move forward with your goals and maintain momentum all year long.

I know what you’re thinking…

I’ve tried one of these challenges before… I never make it past the first day.

The Girl, Get Clarity Challenge is all about reflecting on what you want out of your life. We will send you weekly emails to push you, but not overwhelm you. You’ll get a free Clarity workbook to inspire you. And if you’re feeling super ambitious, join our Facebook group and you’ll get a community of cheerleaders to share your success with. #SquadGoals


Every time I sign up for these I just get a ton of spam!

This is a 30-day challenge, but you won’t get more than one email per week from me. I hate opening a ton of emails as a reader… and to be open and honest with you, there is NO WAY I’m writing 30 emails! #NoWorries


But… the beach is calling my name!

OK, I hear you there! The beach is calling my name, too! But I can speak from experience when I say relaxation feels better when you’re not worrying about your bills or your goals or your to-do list.


Don’t delay your success another day
committing to this challenge is committing to yourself.


Join our 30-day self-paced writing challenge, designed to help you position yourself for success. You are one step away from greater focus, click JOIN NOW to get your free challenge workbook by clicking the link above.