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You will not live forever, death is a reality we can all count on. It is also the one unknown that no amount of advanced technology or clairvoyance can accurately determine. Not one of us can predict the day or hour of our death. We wake each morning with an almost arrogant abundance of faith, that our life will continue as it always has. Not fully realizing what a gift being able to see the sun both rise and set truly is.
The reality is our life; our one God-given life is precious and fragile. This is a fact that sometimes we as humans forget. This is especially seen in the way we carelessly put things off for another day. Or the way we let fear control us, and convince us not follow our dreams. We live blissfully in our blind faith that tomorrow is in fact promised.


But the raw, unadulterated truth is, you will not live forever. This is not said to make anyone feel depressed about the facts of our mortality. I write this post as both a reminder, and a dose of inspiration to get out there and start really valuing the one life you have.


There is something magical about knowing you are living with intention and purpose. Knowing that you have taken control of your days, and attempted to fill them with experiences that are of the type that makes life worth living is thrilling. I’m not talking about jumping from planes or scaling mountains, although those things are quite awesome if you are the daring type. I’m talking about the moments we sometimes take for granted each day. Hearing a child laugh, eating a sinfully delicious meal, spending time with friends and family, smelling the roses–the small simple joys of everyday life.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? - Mary Oliver Click To Tweet


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I celebrated a birthday recently, and one of the gifts my friends gave me was a mug that on it read, “She believed she could, so she did.” I had heard this quote before, but for some reason having this mug presented on my birthday had special significance. It made me really think hard about the choices I was making in my life. Was I truly taking chances, and living according to my purpose? That question gave me serious ammunition to start focusing on my dreams, and taking real action to create the life I truly wanted to live.


Today, the world received the sad news of the musical icon Prince’s passing. The passing of such great talents is always a sad affair. One can’t help but to think about the life they lead, and the legacy they will leave behind. Prince will always be remembered for more than just his musical talent. He is also a man who challenged the status quo, lived and breathed his art, and never compromised his talent or worth. He is an inspiration to me for those very reasons.


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 Are you waiting to really start living your life?


Today, I challenge you to truly look at your life and ask the hard questions. Knowing that you will not live forever, are you waiting to really start living? If so, why? I urge you to find your wings friends. Create a life that feels good, and fill it with experiences. Start seeking and living in your purpose, so that when the day comes you can look back and know you lived life with no regrets.


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver


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