Do you have the courage to pursue your dream?

courage to dream

Five Steps to Developing Courage to Pursue Your Dreamcourage to dream


You have a dream, it follows you wherever you go and you want to pursue it but fear has you avoiding jumping in and making it come to life.  I get it, I’ve been there. Life circumstances and general fear of the unknown can make it hard to stay true to your inner calling. In addition to that, there are so many dream killers in the world that it takes courage not to give up on your dreams; especially in the face of obstacles and negative criticism.


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Courage is the ability to do something that frightens you. Fear is normal, but too many of us let it keep us from pursuing our dreams. Dreams start off as small seeds, but once the seed has been planted it has to be given light and air to grow otherwise it dies. If you let the fear of getting started stop you from taking the first step, you could be killing any chance of seeing your dreams come to life. Developing courage is important if you want to grow and make your dreams a reality.


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Believing in yourself and your abilities will give you the courage to voice your needs more clearly. My favorite Oprah quote says,  “You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.” You will never get what you don’t ask for, and you will never move forward if you don’t have courage to take the first step and start.


To achieve success and live your dreams, you have to develop your courage muscle. Courage is what will give you the boost you need to keep pushing forward when you feel like giving up. Courage is what will cancel your self-doubt and the voices in your head that tell you to quit when things get hard. Courage is what will allow you to advocate for yourself and ask for what you need.

The question is, how do you develop courage to pursue your dream?

Just like with anything developing courage takes practice, it also takes being willing to shift your mindset. Below are five steps to develop and or help build up your courage muscle.


Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Growth requires a period of transformation which can be uncomfortable. Comforts that you are used to may be taken from you, and old familiar habits will have to be discarded. Don’t fight the process. The best way to develop courage is to start by getting comfortable with the process of change. Change is usually uncomfortable, you may be forced into a tight space but the end result will be worth the sacrifice. Visualize what a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly.


Increase your Faith

I have always been a person who dreams big. I believe in being the unicorn in the room, the one who is willing to take big risks in order to make a dream come true. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t ever been plagued by self-doubt and contemplated quitting. The one thing that keeps me motivated on the path to achieving my dreams is the knowledge that God wouldn’t place a dream inside of me without providing the tools to accomplish it. To develop courage you have to lean on your faith, whether it’s in a higher power or just your own assertions and confidence in your own abilities. Courage requires believing a positive outcome will result from your efforts, even when you don’t immediately see how.


Realize failures don’t define you

I talk about failure a lot here on the blog because I believe failure is as normal to life as breathing. The only thing you won’t fail at, is what you don’t try. Therefore, it’s important to learn that you will fail from time to time but you aren’t your failures. Your failures don’t define who you are as a person. Failures reflect an attempt, and as long as you’re trying I personally can never see that as a negative. Ultimately courage is understanding you have the power, and if you let failure turn you into a quitter then you will never grow.


Stay focused on your why.

As mentioned above failures will happen, but what helps keep you in the game is remembering why you started in the first place. What goal or outcome did you want to achieve? What is the payoff of pursuing the action? What will you lose if you don’t reach your goal?  When you start to lose faith and feel your courage waning, these are questions you might need to ask yourself to get your focus back on the target. And if through the course of that process you discover that you are no longer attached to why you started, you can choose a new path. The most important point is to have a vision. You develop courage by enhancing your clarity.


Eliminate the extra voices.

What others say should only be fuel to your fire, not your truth and not your roadblock. Too many of us allow the opinions of others to sway us from our path. Don’t give up on your dreams, because you allowed others to convince you they weren’t valid. Learning to hear your own voice above the haters and above your own internal murmurings of self-doubt will help you develop courage.


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Life is full of moments, and it’s far better to fill it with experiences that change you versus memories of things you should have tried but didn’t. Fear can keep you from growing. Developing courage to overcome fear will open doors and give you the strength you need to pursue your dreams.

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