Finding your “IT”

5 Prompts to Journal Your Way to Purpose


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Every new day is a chance to make an impact on the world, and get a little closer to making your dreams come true. Each one of us has a purpose, and whether you are actively living in your purpose or still trying to figure out the best way how to – the one thing that keeps the wheel spinning is the belief that you can create and have a life you love living. But how do you get there? How do you find out what it is you are meant to do? I believe the journey begins with discovering your “IT”.

In recent years, I have come to find journaling an invaluable tool to helping me organize my thoughts and inspire deep revelations. Below are five journal prompts that you can use to help you begin the process of revealing your purpose, or your “IT”.

  1. Create a list of your passions – highlight which of those passions motivates and excites you the most.
  2. If you had three hours of free time, what would you spend it doing?
  3. To date, what life, career, and/or business accomplishments are you most proud of?
  4. If you had the opportunity to design your dream job, what three skills would you include in your job description?
  5. What does an ideal day look like to you?

The goal of these prompts is to help you explore what things motivate you both professionally and personally. The key to unlocking your purpose – or your “IT”, in my opinion lies in uncovering your passions, recognizing what motivates you, and utilizing that knowledge towards pursuing the life, business, or career that you want and will be excited about.

Once you have completed the above journaling prompts, I would love it if you would leave me a comment and let me know if the exercise helped you.

Also, if you would like more ideas on creating journaling prompts you can find more information here and here.

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