Monday Motivation: New Week New Story

Monday Motivation: New Week New Story

Monday Motivation: New Week New StoryMonday has arrived, get excited! There was a time that I dreaded the arrival of Monday. Sunday evenings I would instantly get depressed thinking about having to return to work the next day.

The alarm bell on Monday morning was like a banshee’s cry to my ears, and in my mind another hell week had begun. I would frequently lay in bed and debate with myself whether I should call out from work, just to be able to extend the weekend at least one more day.

Recently, I have been on a quest to live a life filled with more gratitude and a part of that process is truly finding the value in and celebrating each and every day. That means no more dragging Monday’s name through the mud!

Now I look at the first day of the work week, as the start of new possibilities and the opportunity for wonderful things to happen. Changing your thoughts is the first step to manifesting positive outcomes.

Mondays are the start of the work week which offer new beginnings 52 times a year!- David Dweck Click To Tweet

Monday signals the start of the work week for most of us. It’s a chance to set new goals, establish a routine, and add another story to the chapter of your life. It’s an opportunity to tackle new tasks or projects at work that build your career, or reach out to new clients to build your business.

You are the author of your life, and Monday is another day in the page of your life. Click To Tweet

Each Monday you get a new chance to make something happen. So my feeling is why spend even one ounce of time complaining about Monday. Let’s celebrate a new week, and fill our days with experiences that fuel our passions and make us happy.

So what will your story be this week?

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