The Power of Focus: How Clarity Can Help Increase Your Focus

The Power of Focus

The Power of Focus


Focus is the art of harnessing and directing your energy towards living in your purpose and accomplishing your goals. In order to truly ignite the power of focus, you need clarity and a true understanding of the greater vision that you are trying to achieve. Clarity helps you eliminate distractions and clearly define your goals. Focus is what helps you make smart decisions in pursuit of those goals.


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I understand more than anyone that focus is sometimes just as hard to come by as extra time. The world seems to become louder and louder each day; it can become difficult to hear yourself think — let alone focus. It can also be hard to have confidence in your own voice and gain a clear understanding of our needs outside of anyone else’s opinion. However, in order to lead a life according to our own desires and in line with our purpose, gaining the confidence to focus on our own dreams is important.


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What is it that you actually want? How exactly are you going to get it?


The clearer you are on your motivations and what drives you, the easier it becomes to develop a plan of action. Clarity increases your focus and gives you the direction you need to establish goals that actually get results.


Do you need more clarity in your life?

Girl Get It 30 Day Journal Challenge


We are super excited to launch our very first free challenge. Journaling is a powerful tool for organizing your thoughts and manifesting your vision. We have created a 30 Day Clarity Journal Challenge, which is a writing challenge designed to help you clear the mental clutter, focus, reconnect with your purpose and recommit to your goals.


The challenge is free, but the supplies you need to participate can be found under the Clarity Challenge in our shop. We have included all the items you need, as well as a few extra items to make writing a comfortable process.


Join us on the road to discovering greater clarity and enhanced focus. The challenge launches on September 1st. Click here to sign-up and receive the challenge workbook.


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